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Slave Maker is a Flash-based H-game which operates as a loose parody of the With a high enough Lust stat, the slaves will come begging you for sex if you.

Slave Maker Revised 3.5 slave maker

I tried it out a bit, I admit. It could use a lot of polishing, but If you break down the elements of the game, it would need or want a slave maker 3.5 of these things in a Skyrim mod:. I guess if you slave maker 3.5 to make the simplest mod for an zlave beta release, you could obviously make use of the existing frameworks from this salve, and start with merely one client NPC, and a main slave NPC.

The client would be a broker for the real owner of the slave NPC, who is not necessarily Sex Kitten Sim Date 5 named or met.

The broker NPC might slave maker 3.5 able to provide much of the above features of the mod to save work and complexity, initially. Much of the above wouldn't necessarily be by way of NPC maoer for events and such, but with slave maker 3.5 announcements. Then porn play games could be expanded if there is interest. Sorry, I only had a plan to write the last paragraph above.

Slave Maker 3.5

The rest of it just came out as I thought about slave maker 3.5 a little bit more, trying to imagine what the simplest version of the mod would be like. Brute-force-ing them into submission wasn't an option in the original slavemaker, but I've always said it should have been, so I'd want to see it in any version maekr the game here. Yes, Slavee don't think the slave maker 3.5 game really had any concept of punishment for disobedience at Sakyubasu No Tatakai II, did it?

maker 3.5 slave

slave maker 3.5 The only actual disobedience Nico Robin W.I.P the skave to perform training early on, and there was no way to use negative reinforcement, or any actual positive rewards either. Naturally, it would be a deeper, more enjoyable mod if there is not only one way maier get the job done, and that there is some downside to the upside of speeding up the training of the slave with a whip.

By the way, training in bondage, spanking, etc, were separate categories in the Flash game, yet could not be utilized as 'punishment', and could not even be performed at all until getting past the slave's initial reluctance.

Slave maker 3.5 count given is a minimum number but the actual count may be a a bit higher - some improvements for developers. I will update the torrent early in the new slave maker 3.5 when I makfr from holidays.

maker 3.5 slave

This an update only, to installcopy the downloaded archive into your existing version 3. Notes On Hangs and Crashes.

maker 3.5 slave

People have reported issues with the game hanging or crashing when eitherloading a gamestarting a new slaveduring end game. I have so far failed to reproduce these issues, but I did a small change to configuration. If you had edited this file you will have slave maker 3.5 re- apply your edits.

maker 3.5 slave

Maoer some peoples slave maker 3.5 some of these issues seem more tied to the executable version of the game. If you are using it them I suggest using the swf version on the game.

To use it either. Note on some common reports. You slave maker 3.5 an assistant for your training so you are required to train Shampoo first this can be bypassed in options if desired Some more exterem hentai elements are in this game, including bondage, rape, ponygirls, tentacle slxve and dickgirls. Sex online games free last three can be disabled in options on the slave selection screens.

COMPLETE - Slavemaker Revised Now up to 2/18/12 | ULMF

Also note this is fan or doujin game, so is makerr for sale in any way. My real fucking games to the original copyright holders and artists. No offense is intended. My apologies to the original author there was no way to contact him to slave maker 3.5 approval for this version.

3.5 slave maker

I very much enjoyed it but xlave some bug and limitations in it, so I decided to lean flash programming and fix it. I have removed some annoying bugs in the original and expanded and gramar corrected language usage.

The original author appear to be French all the code was slave maker 3.5 french.

maker 3.5 slave

Graphics tweaked and expanded and resolution increased. I have also added additional game play elements, notably ponygirls, tentacle sex and dickgirls. If these are not your thing they can be disabled in options.

3.5 slave maker

I have made training Shampoo mandatory to start slav. I have removed Skuld from the game she was in the original versionbut I feel she is too young.

I have added Urd, Tifa, Kasumi, Ayane and have made it easy to add more girls. I have several more in slave maker 3.5. I have done a lot of tweaks and moblie porn games to game play, including slave maker 3.5 added ability to save slwve to 5 games 2 shortcut keys, try first letter of a button, or the letter in blue.

Some buttons do not have the shortcuts though.

Version 3.5

InfernoStyle Lurker Jan 1, Dec 25, 20 0. If it is not, let hentai fabulary games know a specific case 'this slave maker 3.5 way round'. I know you flag the new city as a work in progress but you slave maker 3.5 should just call it broken and unplayable as is No Dock encounters at all. Retired before looking for Kennel. As noted before the city is a work in progress and some trainers are not available there.

It is actually playable, but you need to already have the skills, so purchase the unavailable ones via character creation. Astrid is not supposed to be there at all, her house should not appear, I will check. So though, without the Docks and Epona line, the only anime porn games to gain access to the Stables store will be to start with the full pony Gear set?

maker 3.5 slave

Also the New city keep forgetting the slave maker 3.5, oops has the Ruins showing as Walk location at start, just nothing there. 3.5 see there is an xml error for Dunmyre that broke many walk events, I have fixed it. I have also got the Catgirl training crusoe-had-it-easy. I can't seem to buy any slaves from the auction - it keeps telling me i dont have enough gold despite having more than enough.

slave maker 3.5

You are a Slave owner but not just any type of slave owner, your specialty is horny hot babes who you can bend at your will so they can do whatever you please.

If you are slzve guild member remember there are two types of money, Gold and Personal Gold. Slaves are purchased only using Personal Slave maker 3.5. When going to the beach I get the slave maker 3.5 every time. No option to swim, take lessons or daughter for dessert ch 4. Yes, everyone has swimsuits. That is not happening for me, it correctly unlocks with no issues, and no one else has reported this.

Anyone else having a similar issue? My only guess is that maybe your save games are not 35 right. Also can you try playing the swf version if you normally use the exe?

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See if the issue happens. I can't find the glory hole at the sleazy bar makker. I only get the "relax" or "work" options slave maker 3.5 nothing further. Am I doing something wrong?

Slave Maker Sex Games

Or was the event removed in this version? It is there for slave maker 3.5, but please note that currently it will only appear if your slave maker slave maker 3.5 able to work in the sleazy bar personally, which requires the "Sex Addict" advantage or choosing the "Slut Maker" package. My slave maker has the "Sex Addict" advantage. Is that the only condition or am I missing something slwve It is showing up now, I have no idea what I did. Dumb question but stripper games free the torrent isn't working super heroine hijinks i have to do is download all of the packs and extract them into the same folder, correct?

Why is the torrent not working? I am not currently seeding I am at work but I saw about seeds last night. It said "looking for peers" slave maker 3.5 almost two hours so I just downloaded everything individually from google drive. I think I managed to get it installed properly though I could not view maekr pages of slaves at the beginning.

What client were you using? I have some reports that Deluge does makdr work correctly for some reason, but maaker clients work perfectly fine.

You cannot go back from the beginning at this slave maker 3.5, I just have not coded it that way. Stupid slxve force-installed intrusive adware into my webbrowsers that crippled my web-browsing.

Took a call to Norton to get it off.

maker 3.5 slave

Get a good torrent client, Torrent itself works great. I use uTorrent and have for many years.

3.5 slave maker

Last Anonymous poster It sounds like you were using a bad adware riddled client. Use a better one! To throw in my observations I am currently using qbittorrent and slave maker 3.5 an hour it is still not downloading despite there being seeds during that time period.

3.5 slave maker

Try a different client. I have had reports of a couple of people with this issue.

Slave Maker Sex Games

It very much sounds like the torrent client cannot handle the sort of torrent I have posted with a very large number of files etc. Similarly many others can donwload with not slave maker 3.5. Xxx games downloads I have had a person mention the magnet link completely fails, like this but if they download the torrent file and open using their client it works perfectly find.

Sorry no, my last post gave slave maker 3.5, and the file Slave Mmaker. Basically I lost track of the changes since the last major release. See the Slaves cubforum there is one slave maker 3.5 thread with all loli content and should be easy enough to find, Gwen Tennyson has a new developer and is working on a new release of her.

The game starts loading something and i can't select "new slave". Where i am wrong?

maker 3.5 slave

Sorry for my bad english. Do you have a save game from before the end of game? If so please post it for me to investigate.

3.5 slave maker

Only as an info I started my game with the Galleone as my home. When i was in the middle of the Training of Shampoo i suddently was in the online 3d sex games Stronghold as a home. I sadly dont know excatly when or after what Event the home changed It happend while i was Training shampoo.

Anyone else had that Problem? In makr past I had this reported but that issue was fixed for version 3. I slave maker 3.5 had maket reports of slave maker 3.5 since started the 3.

If so please upload it for me to check. Sadly no - but never mind.

maker 3.5 slave

With my 3rd Slave i had Money after Training so i switched to Galleon again. If it happen again i have a save for you: I'm curious, is there a changelog slaev this?

I know a lot of play hentai games slaves are developed by others so you might not have it for slave maker 3.5 but Also, I'm curious, Is is just me or can female slave makers not get impregnated by futanari slaves.

3.5 slave maker

There just doesn't seem to be an interaction as sex will be SM using strap on on Slave. Since it slave maker 3.5 be done the other way around, I was curious.

Did you disable contraceptives for your Slave Maker, and select the act "Fuck Another" selecting the Slave Makers as the partner? That should potentially impregnate them, depending on fertility rate. As noted by Cmac, yes they can.

Nov 30, - Edit sex trainings on Slaves, Assistants, and any owned Minor Slave. In game, change your Slave Maker's name to "Cheater" (Capital C!) (This can be done at the Seer's, . Will the cheat menu work in new version too?

Also, the realistic body change mod considering it incorporates a fertility cycle may be kicking you in the teeth. To remove it, technically all you 16 Flash Dolls Babes need to do is to move Events8. To make assurances doubly sure, also move Event-RealisticBodyChange. I suggested moving instead of deleting slave maker 3.5 case you want them back. On another note, which characters are affected by this mod? When i start the game in Fullscreen mode, the windows Taskbar is still showing.

I have to slave maker 3.5 out of fullscreen, then leftclick and back into fullscreen to fix it. I tried turning off fullscreen and just doing it manually, but it happens then too. Enter fullscreen, bar shows, have to leave fullscreen and re-enter to hide the slave maker 3.5.

We support OpenID as well.

maker 3.5 slave

Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3. Like Reply Lupus Have looked with no luck. Slave maker 3.5 Reply crow Like Reply Amo Like Reply Ergasor Like Reply Aniron Malawi xxx wont say anything that spoils but after certain things there will be changes if you make certain choices and I just loved tha Like Reply Aniron Like Reply Helpme maekr Like Reply suza Like Reply Last One Like Reply michaeljacksonfans Like Reply anon Like Reply oleulv Like Reply Delilah slave maker 3.5 How can I get it to??

3.5 slave maker

News:Slave Maker 3 is a free parody of Princess Maker! I played the game a lot many years ago, and then tried to get into it a couple of and having an obedience penalty to trying out a new sex-action is needlessly punishing.

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